Dirty Debüt | S2#8-romantic comedy

Blithe Spirits

Liina Magnea & Sabina Maria van der Linden

Sabina Maria van der Linden

My time-related work is driven by systems. Improvisation-, conversation-, choreography-systems. A system as an idea to avoid ideas – a few rules replacing a scenario. Exploring the relationship between working with them and the contents that oozes out – whether desired or not. Getting rid of the problem of illusionism, ... which is riddance of one of the most salient and objectionable relics of European art. (Donald Judd).

Liina Magnea

In the golden age of interdiscplinarity, Liina Magnea works in performance, as a musician and as a film dramaturge.

In her own works, she combines these fields and pursues the new form that goes beyond all other forms and can reach the deepest sentiments inside us. She can usually be found somewhere shouting.

Choreography, Performance Liina Magnea & Sabina Maria van der Linden

We have to talk

Romuald Krężel in collaboration with Tamara Antonijević

Romuald Krężel (born in 1985, Poland) lives in Berlin, works in the field of performing arts. He graduated in choreography and performance at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies of Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen.

In his work, Romuald combines performative elements with choreographic thinking and visual arts practices. He has created various staged performances, site-specific installations and other hybrid formats, which tackle the questions about labour, gender, environmental disaster and contemporary art practices. Among others, he collaborates with Monica Duncan, René Alejandro Huari Mateus and Carolina Mendonça.

Tamara Antonijević (1989) writes and works as a dramaturg and artistic collaborator in performance, theater and dance pieces.

She studied Dramaturgy at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia and holds MA from Institute of Applied Theater Studies in Giessen, Germany.

by and with Romuald Krężel i

Dramaturgy Tamara Antonijević

Eternal Betrayal

Am Ertl

Am Ertl is a Berlin/Stockholm based dancer, performer and choreographer. In 2019 they graduated from Stockholm University of the Arts with a BA in Dance Performance and have since then continued to work with their degree show The Wild and The Cute – A Call Center for Creatures of Any Kind, for example at Danscentrum Stockholm in collaboration with Sepideh Khodarahmi. As a performer Am worked with choreographers such as Tove Sahlin, Lea Moro and Tchivett. Together with Sindri Runudde they co-founded the dancing group Cosy Boi Slut Team.

Choreography Am Ertl

Performance Renan Alves Manhães & Am Ertl


Onur Ağbaba

Onur Ağbaba, born 1990, graduated in Applied Theater Studies from the Justus Liebig University in Gießen and in DAnce and Choreography in the Danish National School of Performing Arts. Between 2012 and 2014, he was a dancer for two years in the company at the Leipzig Dance Theater under the direction of Alessio Trevisiani. He has worked with various choreographers and artists, including: Mathilde Monnier, René Alejandro Huari Mateus, Tümay Kılınçel, Wicki Bernhardt and CHICKS* independent performance collective. Alongside his studies, he realized his own projects along the intersection of dance, performance, photography and literature. He lives in Berlin.

Lotta Beckers (*1995) lives in Berlin and works as a dramaturgue and performer. She studied Applied Theater Studies in Gießen, Dance and Choreography in Copenhagen and is currently finishing her Master in European Media Studies in Potsdam. She has fostered a long-term collaboration as a dramaturgue together with Noam Brusilovsky.

Concept & Direction Onur Ağbaba

Dramaturgy Lotta Beckers


DRAMATURGIE Joshua Wicke, Maxi Wallenhorst

JURY Tina Pfurr, Björn Pätz, Maxi Wallenhorst, Joshua Wicke

A production by Björn Pätz & Sandra Umathum in coproduction with Ballhaus Ost.

Funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

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